Suspect refers to

1. In counterdrug operations, a track of interest where correlating information actually ties the track of interest to alleged illegal drug operations.  

2. An identity applied to a track that is potentially hostile because of its characteristics, behavior, origin, or nationality.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Suspect
- Suspicious; inspiring distrust.
- Suspected; distrusted.
- Suspicion.
- One who, or that which, is suspected; an object of suspicion; -- formerly applied to persons and things; now, only to persons suspected of crime.
2. Suspect
- To imagine guilt; to have a suspicion or suspicions; to be suspicious.
3. Suspect
- To imagine to exist; to have a slight or vague opinion of the existence of, without proof, and often upon weak evidence or no evidence; to mistrust; to surmise; -- commonly used regarding something unfavorable, hurtful, or wrong; as, to suspect the presence of disease.
- To imagine to be guilty, upon slight evidence, or without proof; as, to suspect one of equivocation.
- To hold to be uncertain; to doubt; to mistrust; to distruct; as, to suspect the truth of a story.
- To look up to; to respect.
Category: Defense Terms
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