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What Is Tortfeasor? Understanding Tortfeasor and Its Types with Example

What is Tortfeasor?

Tortfeasor is the individual or business whose wrongdoings have resulted in financial or social damage to another. It is an individual or institution that does something unethical and causes a person to suffer the loss. A tortfeasor (or defendant) should compensate the harmed individual (claimant) for any losses if found legally responsible.

Understanding Tortfeasor

A tort is unlawful to conduct that makes a person or organization claim for harm, property damage, or monetary loss. If your company commits a violation, you should seek legal counsel. 

Types of Torts

It's also crucial to comprehend the three primary types of torts, which include-

  • Strict Liability Torts

When you're proven accountable for financial loss or injury, you'll face these consequences. For instance, if your items harm the clients, you'll almost certainly be responsible for their hospital costs.

  • Intentional Torts

These types of torts are acts of wrongdoing that caused harm. They can happen as a result of carelessness or reckless behaviour, and they usually lead to economic losses. Theft and false advertising are two examples of this.

  • Negligent Torts 

When a person or a company refuses to follow reasonable precautions to avoid harming another person, this is known as negligence. If you neglect to post a water seal and a visitor falls, they may sue you for injuries. If you are found to be guilty, you will be responsible for paying for their medical treatment.

Because insurances are often prosecuted under civil law, tortfeasors may be entitled to a repayment from insurance plans for losses they are required to pay. Insurers that compensate their members must defend them in civil court.

Practical Example

A tortfeasor could have engaged in a variety of civil wrongdoings. Ignorance, deception, theft, and mental distress are among them.

For example, A food and beverage company named 'F & B Limited' sells a variety of chips, drinks, juices, and snacks items. Once a child got sick after consuming their juice and was examined by the hospital. In these situations, F & B Limited is the tortfeasor here and they would be held liable for their faulty product that causes harm to the users.

In Sentences

  • A tortfeasor is a person who committed an unlawful act, such as an accident or injury.


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