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What is User Interface? Types of User Interface with Practical Example

What is User Interface?

User Interface is the point of communication where a human interacts with the machine. It helps a user to interact with the computer by accepting input from the user and displaying different kinds of output. 

The physical components of an interface are input devices, such as keyboards, mice, sound cards, and voice recognition systems, and output devices, such as printers, monitors etc.

Understanding User interface

In a system, the user interface (UI) is the basis for interacting between humans and computers. Computer monitors, buttons, controllers, and the look of desktops are all examples of this. 

It can also refer to the way a user can interact with a program or a webpage. The user interface facilitates communication between people and computers and this essential delivery method would be made irrelevant without it.

Layers of interaction are used to develop user interfaces that respond to the sensory organs: sight, touch, auditory, and more. Gadgets such as a laptop, keyboard, touchpad, speaker, smartphone, camera, e-pen, and viewfinder are all included. 

Interactive media user interfaces are technologies that connect with several senses. Everyday UI, for instance, combines a physical interface (keyboard and mouse) with audio and visual outputs (monitor and speakers).

Types of User Interface

Some of the types of user interfaces are listed below:

  • graphical user interface (GUI)
  • touch user interface
  • menu-driven user interface
  • command-line interface (CLI)
  • voice user interface (VUI)
  • form-based user interface
  • natural language user interface

Practical Example

Consider the entrance of your house. It is an interface between the indoor and outdoor of the house, and the hallway is the interface that enables you or another person to unlock the gates without damaging them.

Everything humans use to communicate with a computer like a mouse, keyboard, buttons, and screen are all examples of user interfaces. The communications may include running programs, playing games, doing assignments or research etc.  

In Sentence

  • The user interface is critical for meeting users' needs and ensuring that your website functions properly.
  • From the design standpoint, the user interface is the very first appearance of a software application.
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