Warranty is the limited written warranty issued to the purchaser of the vehicle by the manufacturer.

Your vehicle manufacturer’s Original Equipment collision replacement parts are the only service replacement parts warranted by your vehicle manufacturer. New aftermarket, salvage or reconditioned parts used for collision repair may not be warranted by your vehicle manufacturer. Damage to your vehicle or its parts caused by the failure of new aftermarket, salvage or reconditioned parts may not be covered by your vehicle manufacturer’s new-vehicle warranty.

Warranty is a document that states certain facts and conditions about a product’s operation and correct use and clarifies the limits of its performance under various circumstances.

Warranty is a statement of fact or a promise made by the insured, which is part of the insurance contract and which must be true if the insurer is to be liable under the contract.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Warranty
- A covenant real, whereby the grantor of an estate of freehold and his heirs were bound to warrant and defend the title, and, in case of eviction by title paramount, to yield other lands of equal value in recompense. This warranty has long singe become obsolete, and its place supplied by personal covenants for title. Among these is the covenant of warranty, which runs with the land, and is in the nature of a real covenant.
- An engagement or undertaking, express or implied, that a certain fact regarding the subject of a contract is, or shall be, as it is expressly or impliedly declared or promised to be. In sales of goods by persons in possession, there is an implied warranty of title, but, as to the quality of goods, the rule of every sale is, Caveat emptor.
- A stipulation or engagement by a party insured, that certain things, relating to the subject of insurance, or affecting the risk, exist, or shall exist, or have been done, or shall be done. These warranties, when express, should appear in the policy; but there are certain implied warranties.
- Justificatory mandate or precept; authority; warrant.
- Security; warrant; guaranty.
2. Warranty
- To warrant; to guarantee.
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