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Introducing a new product into the market and it will face high costs is refers to Commercialization. In the case of a major new consumer product, it may spend hundreds of millions of dollars for advertising, sales promotion, and other marketing efforts in the first year.

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  • Government market
    Governmental units – federal, state, and local – that purchase or rent goods and services for carrying out the main function’s of government.
  • Market-skimming pricing
    Market-skimming pricing (price skimming)- setting a high price for a new product to skim maximum revenues layer by layer from the segments willing to pay...
  • Social Class
    Social classes are society’s relatively and ordered divisions whose members share similar values, interests, and behaviors.
  • Group interviewing
    An interviewing that involves inviting six to ten people to gather for a few hours with a trained interviewer to talk about a product, service, or organization.
  • Buyer-readiness stages
    Buyer-readiness stages are the stages consumers normally pass through on their way to making a purchase, including awareness, knowledge, liking, preference...
  • Opinion leader
    A people within a reference group who, because of special skills, knowledge, personality, or other characteristics, exert social influence on others.
  • Perceived value
    Perceived value refers to the value that is promised by the company’s value proposition and perceived by the customer.