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Introducing a new product into the market and it will face high costs is refers to Commercialization. In the case of a major new consumer product, it may spend hundreds of millions of dollars for advertising, sales promotion, and other marketing efforts in the first year.

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  • Labeling
    Labels range from simple tags attached to products to complex graphics that are part of the packaging. They perform several functions. At the very least, the label...
  • Diversification
    Diversification refers starting up or buying businesses beyond its current products and markets.
  • Promotional pricing
    Promotional pricing refers to temporarily pricing products below the list price and sometimes even below cost to increase short-run sales and to create buying excitement and urgency.
  • Return on marketing investment
    Return on marketing investment is the net return from a marketing investment divided by the costs of the marketing investment.
  • Click-and-mortar companies
    Click-and-mortar companies- traditional brick-and-mortar companies that have added online marketing to their operations.
  • Specialty store
    Specialty store refers to a store that carries a narrow product line with a deep assortment, such as apparel stores, sporting-goods stores, furniture stores, florists, and bookstores.
  • Supplier search
    Supplier search is a stage of the business buying process in which the buyer tries to find the best vendors.