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The second dimension, called consideration, was defined as the extent to which a leader has work relationships characterized by mutual trust and respect for group members’ ideas and feelings.

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  • Responsibility
    Responsibility means the obligation or expectation to perform any assigned duties.
  • Ambidextrous Organization
    Organization structure most notable for its lack of structure wherein knowledge and getting it to the right place quickly is the key reason for organization.
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiaries
    Wholly owned foreign subsidiaries are considered by companies that are willing and able to make the highest investment commitment to the foreign market.
  • Network organization
    Another structural option for managers who want to minimize or eliminate organizational boundaries is a network organization, in
  • Growth industry strategies
    Business strategies that may be more advantageous for firms participating in rapidly growing industries and markets .
  • Workplace spirituality
    Workplace spirituality is a feature of a culture where organizational values promote a sense of purpose through meaningful work taking
  • Peer influence
    The ability to influence individual behavior among members of a group based on group norms, a group sense of what is the right thing or right way to do things, and the need to be valued and accepted by the group.