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The second dimension, called consideration, was defined as the extent to which a leader has work relationships characterized by mutual trust and respect for group members’ ideas and feelings.

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  • Forming stage
    The first stage of group development, in which people join the group and then define the group’s purpose, structure, and leadership.
  • Commitment concept
    A concept which says that plans should extend far enough to meet the commitments made when the plans were developed, these type of concept are called commitment concept.
  • Escalation of commitment
    Managers decision making is also likely influenced by the organization’s culture, internal politics, power considerations, and a
  • Strengths
    A resource advantage relative to competitors and needs of the markets a firm serves or expects to serve.
  • Norming stage
    The norming stage is one in which close relationships develop and the group becomes cohesive. There’s now a strong sense of group
  • Range of variation
    The acceptable parameters of variance between actual performance and a standard, is called range of variation.
  • Organic organization
    Organic organization, which is a structure that’s highly adaptive and flexible. Organic organizations may have specialized jobs, but those jobs