High-high leader

Definition (1):

The research found that a leader who was high in both initiating structure and consideration (a high-high leader) sometimes achieved high group task performance and high group member satisfaction, but not always.

Definition (2):

A high-high leader refers to- “A leader high in both initiating structure and consideration behaviors.”

Definition (3):

The high-high leader (high in initiating structure as well as consideration) is considered to be consistent with the qualities of a good leader in the company or organization.

The effective initiative is not only undertaking applicable but also relationship-significant. It is an adaptable and versatile style where leaders think about their group or team at a point considering the variables influencing the workplace before considering the way of leading. It ensures they will achieve their objectives. It means leaders who follow this model must choose the initiative style because it considers the development of the team. For example, if team development is high, the model suggests the leader gives an insignificant direction. On the other hand, if team development is low, the leader needs to give clear instructions and manage work strictly for guaranteeing the team is focused on their goals and how they are going to achieve them.

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