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Disintermediation is a big term with a clear message and important consequences– the cutting out of marketing channel intermediaries by product or service producers or the displacement of traditional resellers by radical new types of intermediaries.  Disintermediation occurs when product or service producers cut out intermediaries and go directly to final buyers or when radically new types of channel intermediaries displace traditional ones.

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  • Brand extension
    A brand extension gives a new product instant recognition and faster acceptance. It also saves the high advertising costs usually required to build a new brand name.
  • Value delivery network
    Network that made up of the company, its suppliers, its distributors, and ultimately its customers who partner with each other to improve the performance of the entire system.
  • Market segmentation
    The process of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers who have different needs, characteristics, or behaviors ...
  • Click-only companies
    Click-only companies– the so-called dot-coms, which operate online only and have no brick-and-mortar market presence.
  • Marketing control
    Refers measuring and evaluating the results of marketing strategies and plans and taking corrective action to ensure that the objectives are achieved.
  • Value Chain
    The series of internal departments that carry out value-creating activities to design produce, market, deliver, and support a firm’s products.
  • Freight-absorption pricing
    Freight-absorption pricing is a geographical pricing strategy in which the seller absorbs all or part of the freight charges to get the desired business.