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Errors of duplication

Such errors arise when entry in a book or original entry has been made twice and has also been posted twice, are called errors of duplication.

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    Book-keeping is the art of recording the transactions on the books of original entry and the ledgers. This work is usually performed
  • Conservatism
    Conservatism which means that the best choice among accounting alternatives is the method that is least likely to overstate assets and net income.
  • Manual accounting system
    Manual accounting system is a system in which someone performs each of the steps in the accounting cycle by hand.
  • Copyrights
    The federal government grants copyrights which give the owner the exclusive right to reproduce and sell an artistic or published work.
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    Cost of goods manufactured refers to the total cost of work in process less the cost of the ending work in process inventory.
  • Charter
    Charter is a document that creates a corporation. The charter may be an approved copy of the application form, or it may be a separate document containing the same basic data.
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    Transactions (business transactions) are a business’s economic events recorded by accountants. Transactions may be external or internal.