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Ethnocentric Orientation

The values and priorities of the parent organization guide the strategic decision making of all its international operations.

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  • Market Focus
    Small companies, at least the better ones, usually thrive because they serve narrow market niches. This is usually called market focus, the extent to which a business concentrates on a narrowly defined market.
  • Interpersonal communication
    Interpersonal communication refers to communication between two or more people.
  • Upward communication
    Upward communication is communication that flows from employees to managers. It keeps managers aware of how employees feel about
  • Value chain analysis
    A perspective in which business is seen as a chain of activities that transforms inputs into outputs that customers value.
  • Patching
    Another approach that focuses on the role and ability of corporate managers to create value in the management of multi business companies is called “patching.
  • Multidomestic Industries
    An industry in which competition is segmented from country to country.Thus, even if global corporations are in the industry, competition in one country is depend of competition in other countries.
  • Organizational citizenship behavior
    Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) is discretionary behavior that’s not part of an employee’s formal job requirements but that