Definition Of

Ethnocentric Orientation

The values and priorities of the parent organization guide the strategic decision making of all its international operations.

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  • Industry Environment
    The general conditions for competition that influence all businesses that provide similar products and services.
  • Downward communication
    Downward communication which is any communication that flows from a manager to employees. It’s used to inform, direct, coordinate,
  • Scientific management
    Scientific management is an approach that involves using the scientific method to determine the “one best way” for a job to be done.
  • Outsourcing
    Outsourcing means having outside vendors supply services that the company’s own employees previously did in-house.
  • Restructuring
    Redesigning an organizational structure with the intent of emphasizing and enabling activities most critical to a firm’s strategy to function at maximum effectiveness .
  • Bounded rationality
    Bounded rationality is a decision making that’s rational but limited (bounded) by an individual’s ability to process information.
  • Operating Environment
    Factors in the immediate competitive situation that affect a firm’s success in acquiring needed resources .