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Ethnocentric Orientation

The values and priorities of the parent organization guide the strategic decision making of all its international operations.

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  • Decisions
    Managers at all levels and in all areas of organizations make decisions. That is, they make choices. For instance, top-level
  • Responsibility
    Responsibility means the obligation or expectation to perform any assigned duties.
  • Means-ends chain
    Higher-level goals (or ends) are linked to lower-level goals, which serve as the means for their accomplishment. In other words, the
  • Strategic business unit
    An adaptation of the divisional structure in which various division or parts of divisions are grouped together based on common strategic elements, usually linked to distinct product/market differences.
  • Expectancy theory
    Expectancy theory is the theory that an individual tends to act in a certain way, based on the expectation that the act will be followed by a
  • Discretionary responsibilities
    Discretionary responsibilities are those that are voluntarily assumed by a business organization. They include public relations activities, good citizenship, and full corporate social responsibility.
  • Tangible assets
    Tangible assets are the easiest “resources” to identify and are often found on a firm’s balance sheet.