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Ethnocentric Orientation

The values and priorities of the parent organization guide the strategic decision making of all its international operations.

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  • Socioeconomic view
    Socioeconomic view is the view that management’s social responsibility goes beyond making profits and includes protecting and improving society’s welfare
  • Functional organizational structure
    Structure in which the tasks, people, and technologies necessary to do the work of the business are divided into separate “functional” groups ( e.g., marketing,operations,finance) with increasingly formal procedures for coordinating and integrating their activities to provide the business products and services.
  • Conglomerate Diversification
    A grand strategy based on the acquisition of a business because it presents the most promising investment opportunity available.
  • Selection
    Selection involves predicting which applicants will be successful if hired. Screening job applicants to ensure that the most appropriate candidates
  • Motivation factors
    Motivation factors are those job factors that provide satisfaction and therefore motivation, but whose absence causes no satisfaction to be
  • Leader's Passion
    A highly motivated sense of commitment to what you do and want to do.
  • Horizontal boundaries
    Rules of communication, access, and protocol for dealing with different departments or functions or processes within an organization .