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Ethnocentric Orientation

The values and priorities of the parent organization guide the strategic decision making of all its international operations.

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  • Restructuring
    Redesigning an organizational structure with the intent of emphasizing and enabling activities most critical to a firm’s strategy to function at maximum effectiveness .
  • Conceptual skills
    Conceptual skills are the skills managers use to think and to conceptualize about abstract and complex situations.
  • Leader-member relations
    Leader-member relations are one of Fiedler’s situational contingencies that described the degree to which job assignments were formalized and
  • Turnaround
    A grand strategy of cost reduction and asset reduction by a company to survive and recover from declining profits . It typically is begun through one of two forms of retrenchment, employed singly or in combination:
  • Grand Strategies
    Grand strategies, often called master or business strategies , provide basic direction for strategic actions.
  • Democratic style
    Democratic style described a leader who involves employees in decision making, delegates authority, and uses feedback as an opportunity for
  • Technical skills
    Technical skills are the job-specific knowledge and techniques needed to proficiently perform work tasks. These skills tend to be more important for first-line managers because they typically manage e