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Ethnocentric attitude

Definition (1):

An ethnocentric attitude is a parochialistic belief that the best work approaches and practices are those of the home country (the country in which the company’s main offices are located).

Managers with this attitude believe that people in foreign countries don’t have the needed skills, expertise, knowledge, or experience to make the best business decisions, as people in the home, country do. They don’t trust foreign employees with key decisions or technology.

Definition (2):

“This ethnocentric attitude stems from the belief that the parent-country nationals are best suited to run the business, irrespective of the local circumstances.”

Definition (3):

An ethnocentric attitude refers to the parochialistic conviction that the greatest work practices and approaches are those of the country of origin. Chiefs with this attitude accept that people in outside countries don’t possess the necessary aptitude, abilities, experience, or learning for settling on the top business choices as people in the country of origin do. They won’t confide in outside representatives with chief choices. In this approach, the chief positions in the organization are filled up with the employees of the home country.

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