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Growth industry strategies

 Business strategies that may be more advantageous for firms participating in rapidly growing industries and markets .  At this stage, growth industries that emphasize brand recognition, product differentiation, and the financial resources to support both heavy marketing expenses and the effect of price competition on cash flow can be key strengths.

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  • Leader-member relations
    Leader-member relations are one of Fiedler’s situational contingencies that described the degree to which job assignments were formalized and
  • Management by objectives
    Management by objectives (MBO) is a process of setting mutually agreed upon goals and using those goals to evaluate employee performance.
  • Occurring agency problem
    An agency problem that occurs because owners have limited access to company information, making executives free to pursue their own interests.
  • Milestone reviews
    The milestone reviews that then tale place usually involve a full-scale reassessment of the strategy and of the advisability of continuing or refocusing the firm’s direction.
  • Human relations view of conflict
    The view that conflict is a natural and inevitable outcome in any group and need not be negative but has potential to be a positive force in
  • Divisional organizational structure
    Structure in which set of relatively autonomous units, or divisions, are governed by a central corporate office but where each operating divisions has its own functional specialists who provide products or services different from those of other divisions.
  • Norming stage
    The norming stage is one in which close relationships develop and the group becomes cohesive. There’s now a strong sense of group