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  • New task
    New task means a business buying situation in which the buyer purchase a product or service for the first time. In such cases, the greater the cost...
  • Brand-tracking studies
    Brand-tracking studies refer to collect quantitative data from consumers over time to provide consistent, baseline information about how brands and ...
  • Customer-value marketing
    Customer-value marketing is a principle of sustainable marketing that holds a company should put most of tie resources into customer-value-building marketing investments.
  • Leverage or trading on the equity
    Leverage or trading on the equity is a firm takes advantage of the sound market reputation of its common stock to sell bonds. The fixed capital thus obtained is used to improve company operations and earn back a greater return than the interest rate the company pays.
  • Cost-plus pricing
    Adding a standard markup to the cost of the product is called is cost-plus pricing (or markup pricing).
  • Memory retrieval
    Memory retrieval is the way information gets out of memory. Three facts are important about memory retrieval. 1. The presence of other product information
  • Purchasing agents
    Purchasing agents– generally have a long-term relationship with buyers and make purchases for them, often receiving, inspecting, warehousing, and shipping...