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  • Occasion segmentation
    Occasion segmentation refers to dividing the market into segments according to occasions when buyers get the idea to buy, actually make their purchase...
  • Net marketing contribution (NMC)
    Net marketing contribution (NMC) is a measure of marketing profitability that includes only components of profitability controlled by marketing.
  • Captive product pricing
    Captive product pricing— setting a price for products that must be used along with a main product, such as blade for razor, games for a videogame console and printer cartridges.
  • Adoption process
    The mental process through which an individual passes from first learning about an innovation to final adoption
  • Business-to-consumer (B-to-c) online marketing
    Business-to-consumer (B-to-c) online marketing– businesses selling goods and services online to final consumers with service charge or not.
  • Selling concept
    Selling concept is the idea that consumers will not buy enough of the firm’s products unless it undertakes ...
  • Customer database
    Customer database is an organized collection of comprehensive data about individual customers or prospects, including geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data.