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Accessory equipment

Definition (1):

Accessory equipment is a capital item that is less expensive and shorter-lived than installations.

Definition (2):

Accessory equipment means any nonexpendable item of equipment which has been fixed in place or attached to a craft, vehicle, or other equipment, but which may be severed or removed without impairing the item removed or affecting the basic function of the object to which it is fastened.

Definition (3):

A useful or necessary auxiliary item that can be either attached to or removed from a device or product without damaging it or the device or product to which it can be attached. Several electronic devices and cell phone manufacturers profit significantly from the extensive market for accessory enhancement for the products they produce. “Accessory equipment means any equipment serving or being used in conjunction with a wireless facility or wireless support structure including, but not limited to, utility or transmission equipment, power supplies, generators, batteries, cables, equipment buildings, cabinets and storage sheds, shelters or similar structures. “

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • Accessory equipment can be any equipment related to a wireless telecommunications facility’s installation.
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