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Black Friday

Black Friday is the last Friday of the month of November. This day is usually celebrated on the following day of Thanksgiving which is set on the fourth Thursday in the month of November. 

Both of these occasions are grandly celebrated in the United States of America every year. Black Friday has become popular because of the nationwide discounted sale on that specific day. Because of the business potential of this day’s sales, it’s gained popularity all over the world these days.

The name ‘Black Friday’ was first coined by the police officers of Philadelphia, back in 1906. They used this phrase to indicate the chaos made by the suburban shoppers to do their holiday shopping in the city on the day after Thanksgiving.

After a few years, retail sellers started using this phrase to promote sales offers. It has become a positive buzzword among merchants and buyers. With the help of dedicated sales on this specific day, retail sellers and merchants began to profit. 

The accountants used to note down the losses with red color and profits, with black color. When most of the merchants were making a huge profit from a specific day’s sale, the name Black Friday stuck among all parties associated with it.


Use of the Term in a Sentences

  • Most retailers in The USA officially publish and promote their Black Friday sales to boost their profit.
  • Black Friday is the day that is considered a profitable business day for many, especially, retail sellers.
  • People tend to stand in line in front of the superstores for the Black Friday sale.
  • As people get huge discounts on most of the products they want to buy, they wait eagerly for the Black Friday sale each year.


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