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What Is Blogs? Understanding the Blogs with Practical Example

What is Blog?

Blogs are websites written in a conversational or informal manner that is reviewed and updated regularly by the author (personal) or owner. Although blogs can be personal, the majority of them are publicly accessible. They are writings on different topics like lifestyle, business, career, professions etc. 

Understanding Blogs

A blog is a type of communication that combines a section, an ideology, and a database. It is the regularly updated online journals or diaries which have become an important outlet for word of mouth. A searchable set of interesting articles on different themes with connections to more inputs is referred to as a "weblog" (Web+log or Web+blog). Blogs are differentiated by text-based layout, availability of interactive content, high user interaction (who can build accounts, rate posts, or contribute knowledge), and a structure that is certainly closer to other sites. Blogs produce posts that are grouped by timestamp and organized by tags. Blogger and WordPress seem to be the most popular sites for producing blogs.

The foundation of a blog is its content. Every blog on the world wide web is made up of individual posts produced by the blogger. Content, recordings, photos, bullet points, alternative headings, and so on can all be included in blog entries.

People can follow responses under blog posts to begin interesting discussions. Blogs (and blog posts) can also be collected through various communication channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). Blogs often attract a huge amount of traffic. You'll begin collecting visitors from other places, social networking sites, and even search engines after the blog seem to have enough content and become popular.

Practical Example

Jasmine is a 16-year-old student who loves to write about her daily life. Apart from that, she makes image content and interactive videos as well. She believes that content creation is something she loves to do and her mother suggested that she should start her own page and site to publish them. After some months her blogs started to reach people around her community as well as a global audience.

In Sentences

  • The term blog refers to a sort of article or journal where one may portray their thoughts on different topics. 
  • Blogs include write-ups, images, videos, text, numbers and many more.


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