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Blueprinting: Meaning, Parts and Elements on a Blueprint

What is Blueprinting?

Blueprinting is the process of creating a detailed description of a business's operations, containing information about the process steps, the persons who execute them, the phases the tasks are completed in, and so forth.

The production of a highly detailed statement of work needed to properly and completely repair a collision-damaged vehicle, including all labor, operations, parts, paint and other materials are also known as blueprinting.

Understanding Blueprinting

Blueprints are production guidelines. They commence mostly in engineering faculty and provide all of the knowledge required to manufacture a thing to the production line.

A system blueprint is a detailed description where any business’s operations are stated including the process steps and the people who execute them. 

Blueprints turn knowledge into things and help engineers and manufacturers interact. Industrial blueprints enable firms to transition from a stable product to a completely digital, skill-based, and operational revenue model. 

Manufacturers may use this approach to link producers and technology information, operational structures, and procedures, and create a smart industry that has begun to diversify goods and enter new industries.


The three essential parts of blueprinting are-

  • Design,
  • Measurements, and
  • Notations

Elements on a Blueprint 

A blueprint's text box includes the following elements:

  • Name: ABC & Co.
  • Address: Tejgaon Industrial Area
  • Engineer's identity and schedule:
  • Part title/explanation: Part name
  • Part/drawing figure: 8
  • Revision: The accurate version of the drawing
  • Scale: 4:1
  • Dimensions: A = 10 x 15, B = 16 x 18, C = 12 x 30,D = 25 x 42, E = 27 x 38, F = 36 x 45 (feet) 

In automobile terms, a blueprint is generally written during and after a car is completely torn-down to determine the full extent of damage, including any damage that may have been hidden when the original estimate was written.

In Sentences 

  • Many firms avoid using the word blueprinting and instead refer to them as printouts, designs, industrial lithographs, technical drawings, or commercial prints.
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