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Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the level of commitment customers feel toward a certain brand selling consumer products, expressed by their continued purchase of that brand. Specialty Products usually enjoy a great deal of brand loyalty for the brand’s commitment to quality and continued uniqueness. 

Specialty product brands like Apple have been able to ensure product loyalty for a long time over the years because they are the only provider of iOS and those willing to pay a handsome amount for uniqueness and longevity will keep choosing them.

The customers associate acute positive feelings with the specific brand and over time starts to feel a moral obligation to go for that one or few brands always. 

There are four major types of loyal customers in general since brand loyalty does not work for each individual on the same level. American author, Philip Kotler suggests the four types below:

  1. Hard-core Loyals (loyal to one brand only)
  2. Split Loyals (loyal to a very few brands)
  3. Shifting Loyals (loyal to the present brand until moving on to the next)
  4. Switchers (not the loyal type)

The variation in loyalty is due to specific brands and their ability to hold their customers as well as the customers as individuals who may have a varied perspective on how loyalty works and if they are willing to be loyal to a brand of all things.


Use the Term in Sentences:

  • Apple is one of the most successful brands n the world when it comes to creating brand loyalty.


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