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Cash-and-carry wholesalers

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Cash-and-carry wholesalers refer to the wholesalers who carry a limited line of fast-moving goods and sell to small retailers for cash. Normally do not deliver.

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Cash-and-carry wholesalers usually handle a limited line of fast-moving merchandise, selling to smaller retailers on a cash-only basis, and not delivering goods. “ Jobbers or truck wholesalers directly sell and deliver from their vehicles, sometimes for cash.

Cash-and-carry wholesalers represent the wholesaler sector’s specific segment. They combine the most vital features of wholesalers. These features are more common in the case of retail businesses. These are mentioned below:

  • Generally, these wholesalers function from large warehouses that are generally not located in the center of the city. It is one of the factors allowing them to offer relatively low prices.
  • Customers generally walk around the store and pick the items from big shelves for purchasing their wanted products. But modern wholesalers now offer the opportunity for ordering products online, using the published catalogs on their sites; they offer chef tools, wholesale bar supplies, and many more.
  • Their customers are individuals, institutional buyers, other wholesalers, other professional buyers, caterers, and retailers.
  • These wholesalers directly purchase their inventories from manufacturers. This feature also allows them to offer lower prices than retailers.
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