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Closed-loop Marketing

Closed-loop Marketing involves tracking the marketing channels from the moment a customer visits a website to the time they make a purchase.

This marketing approach makes use of data and insights to create better marketing campaigns that result in a higher return on investment.

This form of marketing allows you to identify which channels are most effective at sales and which ones may need to be tweaked.

This marketing system tracks users with cookie files as long as the user remains in one of the websites on that loop or network.

Marketers measure and assess their efforts from the initial touchpoint all the way through the customer's contacts with sales in order to "complete the loop."

Keeping a closed loop on the customers allows marketers to successfully monitor and analyze customer habits regardless of where or how they purchase and personalize offers to reach the broadest audience on a highly personal level. 

More significantly, it indicates which marketing initiatives, such as your website, content offers, blogs, SEO strategies, email campaigns, and others, result in the highest ROI.


Use of this Term in a Sentence

  • Closed-loop marketing aims to better understand the customer before marketing to them. 
  • Closed-loop marketing will demonstrate how your consumers discovered your company as the system follows them from the first time they visit a website until the moment they become a customer.


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