Design is the totality of features that effect how a product looks, feels, and functions to a customer. It offers functional and aesthetic benefits and appeals to both our rational and emotional sides.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Design
- To draw preliminary outline or main features of; to sketch for a pattern or model; to delineate; to trace out; to draw.
- To mark out and exhibit; to designate; to indicate; to show; to point out; to appoint.
- To create or produce, as a work of art; to form a plan or scheme of; to form in idea; to invent; to project; to lay out in the mind; as, a man designs an essay, a poem, a statue, or a cathedral.
- To intend or purpose; -- usually with for before the remote object, but sometimes with to.
- A preliminary sketch; an outline or pattern of the main features of something to be executed, as of a picture, a building, or a decoration; a delineation; a plan.
- A plan or scheme formed in the mind of something to be done; preliminary conception; idea intended to be expressed in a visible form or carried into action; intention; purpose; -- often used in a bad sense for evil intention or purpose; scheme; plot.
- Specifically, intention or purpose as revealed or inferred from the adaptation of means to an end; as, the argument from design.
- The realization of an inventive or decorative plan; esp., a work of decorative art considered as a new creation; conception or plan shown in completed work; as, this carved panel is a fine design, or of a fine design.
- The invention and conduct of the subject; the disposition of every part, and the general order of the whole.
2. Design
- To form a design or designs; to plan.
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