Ecological Factors

Definition (1):

The most prominent factor in the remote environment is often the reciprocal relationship between business and the ecology. The term ecology refers to the relationships among human beings and other living things and the air, soil, and water that support them. Threats to life-supporting ecology caused principally by human activities in an industrial society referred to as pollution. Specific concerns include global warming, loss of habitat and biodiversity, as well as air, water, and land pollution.

Definition (2):

“In ecology, Ecological factors are variables in the environment that impact on organisms and contribute to their characteristic modes of behavior.” These are the factors affecting dynamic changes in a population or species in a specific ecology or environment. Generally, they are classified into two classes: Abiotic and Biotic.

  1. Abiotic Factors: These are geographical, geological, climatological, and hydrological parameters. A biotope refers to an environmentally uniform region featured by a specific set of abiotic ecological factors. Specific abiotic factors consist of water, air, soil, soil pH, temperature, light, and natural disasters.

          Biocenose or community refers to a group of populations of animals, plants, microorganisms. 

  1. Biotic Factors: These ecological factors also affect biocenose viability. These factors are regarded as either interspecific or intraspecific relations. Interspecific relations are interactions between different species. Intraspecific relations are relations developed between individuals of the same species.


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