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Human relations view of conflict

Definition (1):

The view that conflict is a natural and inevitable outcome in any group and need not be negative but has the potential to be a positive force in contributing to a group’s performance, is called the human relations view of conflict.

Definition (2):

The human relations view started dominating the topic of organizational conflict from the late 1940s and continued to the mid-70s. During that period the fields of organizational behavior and management were expanding. The human relations view of conflict initially teaches us to accept conflict. It recognizes conflict as a crucial aspect of any organization. It states that an organizational conflict can be advantageous for the persons, groups, and the entire organization.

Again, this view suggests that conflicts within groups in an organization can even lead to improved group performance and results.

The human relations view of conflict considers conflict as an inevitable and natural phenomenon and that’s why cannot be eliminated or removed from any organization. Here, the organizational conflict was viewed in a positive light because it was prescribed that conflict might result in a betterment in a team’s or group’s performance.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • The professor was discussing the human relations view of conflict in the class.


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