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Market Penetration Strategy: Understanding Market Penetration Strategy with Example

What is Market Penetration Strategy?

Market Penetration Strategy is designed to through greater marketing efforts or increased production capacity and efficiency. It is a way of introducing a product into an already active business.

Understanding Market Penetration Strategy

In other words, Market Penetration Strategy is strategizing how to expand in a booming marketplace where products and an increasing customer base already exist by stealing clients from opponents. 

It may also relate to a business or company's approach to expanding and further saturating its consumer base in an established marketplace. To engage and expand with current organizations, solid formulation and performance of plans surrounding your item placement, price, customer experience, and advertising are required.

Market penetration plans are frequently used to anticipate how successfully the latest flagship product or overseas growth would contribute to a firm's corporate goals. They are also used to calculate what kind of item is utilized by the entire amount of individuals in a certain group, bearing in mind all providers.

Strategic Growth

There are several typical methods for optimizing market penetration strategy:

  • Increasing or decreasing the pricing to attract new viewers
  • Increasing expenditure on advertisements and other promotional initiatives
  • Changing the technology to meet client issues or blockages adequately, and/or improve its usefulness 
  • Acquiring or partnering with many other firms in the industry

Practical Example 

Android's adoption program strives toward higher market penetration. With Samsung pulling ahead, Android smartphones are provided at huge discounts or significantly cheaper prices than Apple, expecting customers to become committed to the particular brand. This strategy also allows a broader spectrum of users to access the smartphone market.

In Sentences 

  • Market penetration strategies outline how to proceed with promoting new products while remaining aware of the previously existing competitors. 
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