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What Is Momentum Indicator? Understanding Momentum Indicator and It’s Advantages

What is Momentum Indicator?

Momentum Indicator is a useful metric that illustrates future trends and evaluates the rate of price variation by contrasting current and previous data. It is one of the most key criteria for determining the process of progress in securities. 

Understanding Momentum Indicator

It gauges the rates at which stock prices go up or decrease. Momentum is a highly important measure of the intensity or instability of an issue's pricing when it comes to trends. Popular Momentum Indicators-

  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Average Directional Index (ADX)


A bullish divergence occurs when stock prices change to deeper low points while the momentum index advances upward. In simplest terms, when stock prices are down and sales momentum is weakening, a trend turnaround is possible. Stock prices might soon begin to rise.

Whenever stock prices rise to record highs whereas the speed indication falls, this is referred to also be a bearish divergence. In all words, if stock prices are increasing but purchasing enthusiasm is weakening, a trend reversion is possible. Stock prices might fall short.


Momentum indicators illustrate price action through duration and how powerful those moves seem to be, irrespective of whether the price goes increasing or decreasing.

They are particularly valuable since they assist traders and observers in identifying moments when the marketplace will indeed turn. Deviation across price fluctuations and momentum are used to identify the locations.

Since momentum indicators represent the relative intensity of price changes but not their directivity, they are best used in conjunction with some other technical indicators that display average prices and tendencies, such as line graphs and exponential moving.

In Sentences

  • When used in conjunction with machine learning algorithms, momentum indicators can aid in the identification of patterns and pricing movements.
  • Momentum indicators are useful components for all marketers.


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