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Negligent training

Definition (1):

Negligent training is a situation where an employer fails to train adequately, and the employee subsequently harms a third party.

Definition (2):

Negligent training can be an outcome of negligent supervision. This situation arises when the incorrectly trains or fails to train an employee and the actions of that employee harm another individual.

Commonly, this type of training claims consist of the following:

  • The employer could not appropriately educate and/or train an employee liable to secure a facility of the employer or guard the safety of the property of the employer on the way to conduct the job effectively and safely.
  • The employer could not give the necessary training and/or knowledge to an employee for using equipment and instruments essential to properly conduct the job.

Negligent training cases are focused on whether the employer has a legal duty to the claimant in exercising reasonable care while training the employee, the defendant did not take necessary care in training the employee (or failed in training her or him completely), that failure ultimately caused the harm, and the claimant suffered damages due to the harm (physical, financial, or probably otherwise). Generally, these cases are brought in relation to one or more of the above-mentioned claims but may be brought independently too.

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