Orientation Program

The Orientation Program is a series of activities that give the new students and/or employees information to help them adapt to the institution and realize their responsibility towards it. It is often a program held at the introduction or ice-breaking stage. In business organizations, its purpose is to turn "you" (new employees) and "I" (the company) into a close-knit unit - "us".

The program familiarizes the employees and students with the duties and benefits that spars from the foreseeable engagement. The newbies receive an overview regarding the institution — its history, products and services, organizational structure, and important rules, policies, and procedures that they need to know about. 

The employees and/or students may also need to complete necessary paperwork, receive needed passes, have benefits explained, and get the job/curriculum description reviewed. 

Finally, a sound orientation program provides the opportunity for the employee to meet co-workers, spend time with the immediate supervisor, and become familiar with the new work environment. The result: the new employee feels more secure and settled.


For example, freshers at universities; trainees, interns and new employees in various organizations may have orientation programs arranged for them as soon as they join their respective institutions.


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • It is often a welcoming gesture to give out flowers and sweets as a token of love at orientation programs.
  • Orientation programs welcoming students to their freshman year are often arranged by the existing students as they represent the institution.


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