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Product image

Definition (1):

A product image is a manner customers perceive a potential or actual product.

Definition (2):

It can refer to a diagram or photograph depicting a product being offered for sale. Different types of product images taken from various blow-ups and angles are sometimes used extensively by companies marketing their products in e-commerce websites and online advertising for attracting client interest and purchases.

Definition (3):

It is quite similar to the brand image. The mental image and perceptions related to the product are known as the product image.

It indicates a combination of beliefs associated with a certain product. It expresses what the product presently stands for. It can refer to an unlimited set of previous historic events, facts, goals, and advertising that function together for offering a mental impression or image on the public.

The main motive is to build a suitable image that can attract the target market. It should not mismatch. For instance, if a business has an economical image and its target is a high-paying customer, then there will a mismatch. Before building a product image it is crucial to understand the facts that the business wants it to be related to and proceed thereby. Because this image conveys a product feature to the customer different from that of its competitors.

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