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Product sales force structure

Definition (1):

Product sales force structure refers to a sales force organization in which salespeople specialize in selling only a portion of the company’s products or lines.

Definition (2):

Product sales force structure is a sales force organization under which the sales force specializes in selling only a part of the products or lines of the company.

Definition (3):

Product sales force structure indicates an organization method of a sales force where every salesperson can specialize in selling a product line, or a single product, or related products, or a small subset of a product line.

Salespeople must know the products they are selling, specifically when there are complex, numerous, and unrelated products. This requirement and the growth of product management have led many companies to adopt a product sales force structure where the salespeople sell along product lines. For instance, Kodak has separate sales forces for its industrial and film products. The sales force for film products handles simple products for intensive distribution. On the other hand, the sales force for industrial products handles complex products and they need a technical understanding of this.

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