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Remedial training

Definition (1):

Remedial training can be defined as a method of teaching intended to help people who have basic skills deficiencies, such as reading or writing.

Definition (2):

It refers to special training, training material, or methods for slow or backward learners.

Definition (3):

This training is offered to overcome the deficiencies or shortcomings in the performance and behavior of the old employees.

Because of the invention of new technologies, the employees can show resistance to accept this change and create a disturbance in the office. Then, this training is offered to help them understand the necessity of change and its importance in the function of the business. Generally, psychological experts give such training. Different types of training are provided to the employees based on their job positions and the skills needed for performing a specific type of task.

Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • The company has arranged a remedial training for its old employees.
  • They have appointed many experts for giving remedial training to the employees.
  • The remedial training proved fruitful for the improved performance of the organization’s employees.
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