Stalemate Business

Definition (1):

A stalemate business is a business having few sources of advantage, and most of which are small. Cost management, low overhead, and skills in operational or functional efficiency are critical or difficult to profitability. All these results in extremely competitive situations.

Definition (2):

The word stalemate has come from a position in chess. It refers to the pieces’ position on a chessboard where a player whose turn it is, is unable to move any piece apart from the king and is unable to move the king except for putting it in check. Thus, it results in a draw.

Like the above position in the game of chess, a stalemate business is a business that is in such a situation where no further action can be taken or no progress can be made. In other words, it is in a deadlock situation where further action is futile or blocked or impossible.

A stalemate business needs to have an idea of innovation in services, products, and processes to get rid of this stalemate. It means the business must lead and alter or change the market.

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