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Types of HR Audits

Most HR Audits involve reviewing all or most aspects of the company’s human resource function, usually by using a checklist. However, the situation may require one or more specialized audits, too. There are many types of HR Audits. Different types of HR Audits are briefly discussed below:

  • Compliance audits- Most HR departments conduct this audit for ensuring legal compliance with existing needs and compliance with all regulations.
  • Strategic audits- in particular, are our human resource management practices helping to achieve strategic goals, by fostering the required employee behaviors?
  • Function specific audits- audit here concentrate on one or more specific human resource management areas, such as compensation, or training and development.
  • 1-9 audit: It reviews all 1-9 forms for employees for ensuring that they all are available and are filled in correctly and completely.
  • Handbook or Policy audit: Generally, it looks for changes in policy that require to be made for ensuring policies are consistent and nothing within them is legally impermissible.
  • Wage and hour practices audit: It looks to unveil any probable problems with wage and hour practices.
  • Job description audit: It reviews job descriptions and updates those for accuracy and compliance.
  • Exemption audit: It assesses whether the employees, classified as exempt from overtime are really qualified for receiving that exemption.
  • Safety audit: It assesses the safety steps taken within the company.
  • Training & development audit: It assesses the development programs for employees within the company and tries to analyze the gaps and whether all required training has been accomplished.
  • Hiring process audit: It checks the hiring processes for ensuring they are efficient, nondiscriminatory, and consistent.
  • Compensation and benefits audit: This is one of the types of HR Audits that can take different forms, based on business needs. It ensures all compensation and benefits are in compliance with company goals.
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