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Adjourning stage

Definition (1):

The adjourning stage is the final stage of group development for temporary groups, during which group members are concerned with wrapping up activities rather than task performance.

Definition (2):

“The adjourning stage is when the team is completing the current project.” The team will join other teams and move on to other works in the coming future.

According to Bruce Tuckman team development has five stages such as forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning.

At the adjourning stage, the project is going to be completed and the group members are moving forward into various directions. This stage views the team from the aspect of the betterment of the team instead of viewing from the aspect of handling a team through the aforementioned four stages of team development.

The team leader ought to ensure that there is enough time to the time for celebrating the project's success and store best practices for use in the coming future. Again, if the project was not a successful one- for evaluating what happened and capturing lessons learned for upcoming projects. It also gives the team an opportunity for saying good-bye to one another and wishing one another luck as they are pursuing their future endeavor.

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