Advocate channels

Definition (1):

Advocate channels include company salespersons who communicate with buyers in the target market. For instance, an internet service provider has assembled a telesales team for promoting their new fastest internet modem in cities. Apart from performing their daily sales jobs, the telesales representatives also target clients directly at fairs.

Definition (2):

Advocate channels are one of the types of personal influence channels. These include the sales force and others appointed by the company.

Companies use different kinds of channels for communicating their advertising messages to their customers. These channels can be divided into two types such as personal influence channels and non-personal influence channels. As mentioned earlier, advocates channels are personal influence channels. The company should arrange for proper training for the salespeople and others included these channels. They should have proper knowledge about the product or service they are selling. Otherwise, they will fail to give proper information to the potential customers and attract them to buy the product or service.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • The company has decided to sell their new product through advocate channels and has arranged special training for the members working on the channels.
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