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What Is Computer Graphics? Types of Computer Graphics with Practical Example

What is Computer Graphics?

Computer Graphics is the graphical display of computerized information. It is a large and diversified topic that resides in technology and design.

Understanding Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is the practice of utilizing computer systems and software to create images, patterns, graphs, and other objects. Pixels are the building blocks of graphics. The tiniest visual representation or unit exhibited on a computer display is called a pixel.

Computer images serve an important purpose in nearly all digital activities. You're looking directly into the heart of graphics while you're visiting a website on your computer, watching a sport on your smartphone, or watching a film on TV.

Types of Computer Graphics

There are two types of computer graphics-

  • Raster Graphics

 Raster graphics are commonly seen on TV having visuals that are built similarly to those shown on television. A raster graphic is composed of a grid of horizontal lines formed with small and equally sized pixels. 

  • Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are digital artwork made by placing colors and patterns in a two or three different dimensional spaces by giving a series of instructions. A graphics designer's work, or document is developed and stored as a series of vectors. A vector graphic tool represents a set of elements that need to be linked together.

Practical Example

CorelDRAW, a popular computer graphics program, offers many advantages over the more basic graphics packages included in word processing applications. CorelDRAW offers extensive text-handling and precision-drawing features, powerful paint and photo retouching applications featuring numerous image-enhancing filters, and even animation programs that let people create both simple and complex animations.

In Sentence

  • The field of computer graphics is involved in the creation of visuals using computer systems.
  • Computer graphics are now used in digital techniques, cinema, games, music, mobile laptop and desktop displays, and a wide range of other applications.


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