Polycentric attitude

Definition (1):

A polycentric attitude is a view that employees in the host country (the foreign country in which the organization is doing business) know the best work approaches and practices for running their business.

Managers with this attitude view every foreign operation as different and difficult to understand. Thus, they’re likely to let employees in the host country figure out how best to do things.

Definition (2):

A polycentric attitude indicates-“The view that the employees in the foreign country know best, so managers take a hands-off approach and let the foreign employees do their own thing.”

Polycentric attitude is the approach that managers in the host country understand the best work methods and practices to maintain their business. Managers with this frame of understanding view every outside function as different and tough to understand it. Thus, these managers are possibly disregarding their overseas offices and let foreign or remote workers think about how things can be done in the best way. Under this approach, the nationals of the foreign country are chosen for the administrative posts for completing the functions of the backup office.

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