Global company

Definition (1):

A global company is an international company that centralizes management and other decisions in the home country.

Definition (2):

This approach to globalization reflects the ethnocentric attitude. Global companies treat the world market as an integrated whole and focus on the need for.

Definition (3):

Literally, global means worldwide but a global company doesn’t necessarily perform business worldwide. It is a company that performs business in at least 1 country other than its home country.

Adobe, Cisco, Coca-Cola, and Google are some popular examples of global companies.

Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • Global companies do a lot of research before expanding their business into another country.
  • Global companies must know the different laws and regulations of other countries.
  • If a global company thinks of expanding its business to a country where the costs of manufacturing and labor are cheaper, it can save its operating costs.
  • A global company may face technological difficulties if the other country of operation is technologically less advanced.
  • Global companies create new opportunities for jobs in countries where they are entering.
  • Global companies can take a seasonal advantage if their products are seasonal.


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