Job scope

Definition (1):

Job scope the number of different tasks required in a job and the frequency with which those tasks are repeated.

Definition (2):

Job scope refers to the number of several tasks and job cycles within a job for a specific period.

Definition (3):

Job scope is the entire area which the job includes or deals with.

For instance, a dental hygienist’s job could be enlarged so that in addition to cleaning teeth, he or she is taking patients’ files, re-filling them when finished, and sanitizing and storing instruments.

Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • Jim’s job scope requires him to travel to different countries of the world.
  • Jane’s job scope requires her to travel to different places in the country.
  • Do you have a clear idea about your job scope?
  • Please be sure about your job scope before joining the job.
  • Allen’s job scope requires her to replying to the mails frequently.
  • Your job scope specifies to take reports from the patients, scanning them, and re-arranging them.
  • According to her job scope, she has to make at least 80 calls per day.
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