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Management Process

Managing involves five functions.These functions represent the management process. Some of the specific activities involved in each function include:

  • Planning: establishing goals and standards; developing rules and procedures; developing plans and forecasting.
  • Organizing: giving each subordinate a specific task; establishing departments; delegating authority to subordinates; establishing channels of authority and communication; coordinating subordinates work.
  • Staffing: determining what type of people you should hire; recruiting prospective employees; selecting employees; training and developing employees; setting performance standards; evaluating performance; counseling employees; compensating employees.
  • Leading: getting others to get the job done; maintaining morale; motivating subordinates.
  • Controlling: setting standards such as sales quotas, quality standards, or production levels; checking to see how actual performance compares with these standards; taking corrective action, as needed.
    Management Process are the five basic functions of management. Process are: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.
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