Position power

Definition (1):

The ability and right to influence and direct others based on the power associated with your formal position in the organization. Position power is formally established based on the managers’ position in the organization. By virtue of holding that position, certain decision-making authorities and responsibilities are conferred that the manager is entitled to use to get things done. It is the source of the power many managers expect to be able to rely on, but often the least useful.

Definition (2):

“The assumed authority or influence a person holds over others by virtue of the title of his or her position. Power exercised in correlation with the perceived level of a position relative to others in the organization.”

Definition (3):

Influence and authority bestowed by an office or position on an individual who is occupying or filling it.

Use of the term in Sentences:

  • Aric has the position power for holding a high position in the organization and he tried to show that through his behavior and speech.
  • His behavior and speech for displaying his position power, only reflected his insecurity.
  • Always bear in mind that you should never misuse your position power.
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