Project structure

Definition (1):

A project structure is an organizational framework where employees continuously function on projects. Teams of employees perform all works in these structures.

Definition (2):

A project structure gives the framework or structure within which the effort for development will be completed. 

Definition (3):

The project structure provides a formal environment for the project managers’ use for influencing team members for doing their best in accomplishing their duties and assignments. This structure should be planned for helping build collaboration among the team members in a cost-effective manner with a minimum of overlaps and duplication of efforts.

One of the main advantages of this structure is that it makes it simple for the team to stay up to date on daily tasks and communicate because they belong to the same organizational team and have the same administrator or manager. Another main benefit is that the group or team possesses a powerful sense of identity because they all are focused on attaining the same objective and the successful accomplishment of the project.

From the management aspect, this structure enables the organization to better handle resources for the project because the supervision is focused on one team. There are fewer probabilities of duplication of activities and resources.

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