Task structure

Definition (1):

Task structure is one of Fiedler’s situational contingencies that described the degree to which job assignments were formalized and structured.

Definition (2):

“It is the structure in which the means to the end; everything is structured properly to perform a task. To plan what to do and how to do while performing the particular task.” This structure is designed for doing a task in a hassle-free way.

Definition (3):

Task structure means a system of clearly defining and describing tasks where larger tasks are divided into more manageable and smaller tasks. The application of this sequential plan helps totally prepare employees to fulfill their assigned tasks using the resources and time more efficiently. This structure is one of the three elements of the path-goal leadership theory stating that a leader’s objective is providing a superior task structure for keeping employees efficient and motivated.

There comes a time in almost all of our lives when we are not pretty much sure of what to do. It can create frustration and confusion, and even put us in a situation that we leave the task we are dealing with. In such situations, a task structure helps a long way. A clear and complete breakdown of the expectations and responsibilities of the role results in greater confidence, motivation, and understanding, negating those negative vibes and feelings.

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