Selection involves predicting which applicants will be successful if hired. Screening job applicants to ensure that the most appropriate candidates are hired.

Selection is the process of deciding which candidate, out of the pool of applicants developed in recruiting has the abilities, skills, and characteristics that most closely match job demands.

The decision comes after the candidates go through a series of steps that compose the selection process:

       Step 1: The Application Blank. Prospective employees are requested to complete an application blank which provides the manager with information on the education and experience of an applicant. It also provides information about the applicant's previous growth and progress on the job as well as employment stability. A final point: it can also show, simply bu its requirements, as a person's abilityto follow instructions and his or her command of the language.

       Step 2: Preliminary interview. This step attempts to screen out the obviously unqualified from the pool of applicants. This interview may be conducted by the  manager or a personnel specialist, with the information supplied on the application blank.

       Step 3: Testin. The purpose of employment testing is to determine the candidate's ability to perform the job. The kinds of tests used by employers vary and are subject to certain limitations.

In employment, a series of steps that starts with the initial screening and ends with a hiring decision.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Selection
- The act of selecting, or the state of being selected; choice, by preference.
- That which is selected; a collection of things chosen; as, a choice selection of books.
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