Selling Process

The Selling Process refers to the steps salespeople follow while selling something which starts from the preparations to go public with a product right down to being sold to a buyer and getting feedback for further improvements.  

There are a few kinds of selling where these steps come into play. The major types of sales are - Transactional, Product-oriented, Need-based, Consultative, Insight, Social, Provocative etc. No matter the type of sales or circumstances, all seven steps remain relevant for conducting a successful business. 

Steps of the Selling Process

It signifies a series of seven steps that salespeople follow when persuading prospective customers to make purchases and they are as follows - 

  1. Prospecting 
  2. Preparing 
  3. Approaching the buyers
  4. Presenting
  5. Responding to objections 
  6. Closing the sale 
  7. Following up


For example, before a product hits the market, prospecting the market and preparation for the launch would be important. Approaching the buyers becomes the next step while presenting the product to the world may be through promotional campaigns and at outlets for people to grab them. 

Consumers may have objections or inquiries and responding to them cordially builds trust between the seller and buyer. Then it would be time to finalize or close the sale and the further collaboration attempted by the seller to ensure a continuing relationship counts as following up.


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • New sellers often pick their hairs failing to finalize enough sales but the seven steps selling process is all they need.


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