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Supplies and business services

Supplies and business services are short-term goods and services that facilitate developing or managing the finished product.

 Supplies are of two kinds: maintenance and repair items (paint, nails, brooms) and operating supplies (lubricants, coal, writing paper, pencil). Together, they go under the name of MRO goods.

 Supplies are the equivalent of convenience goods; they are usually purchased with minimum effort on a straight-rebuy basis. They are normally marketed through intermediaries because of their low unit value and the great number and geographic dispersion customers. Price and service are important considerations because suppliers are standardized and brand preference is not high.

Business services include maintenance and repair services (window cleaning, copier repair) and business advisory services (legal, management consulting, and advertising). Maintenance and repair services are usually supplied under contract by small producers or from the manufacturers of the original equipment. Business advisory services are usually purchased on the basis of the supplier’s reputation and staff.

Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • The company is taking effective measures to improve its supplies and business services.
  • The business is improving its supplies and business services day by day.


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