The Task Environment

The Task Environment is the entire work environment inside a business or company which includes the actors engaged in production, distribution, and promotion. The companies, suppliers, distributors, dealers, and target customers - anyone and everyone directly involved in the workings of the business is included in the task environment itself. 

In terms of the suppliers, material and service suppliers such as marketing research agencies, advertising agencies, banking and insurance companies, transportation companies, and telecommunications companies comprise the environment. 

Distributors and dealers include agents, brokers, manufacturer representatives, and others who facilitate finding and selling to customers and they too are a vital part of the environment. 

Parts of Task Environment

Task environments can be categorized into the two parts listed below - 

The quality of the task environment within any organization often depends on the cooperative mindset of the employees and the considerate ways of the employers that make the environment harmonious.


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • Keeping a close eye on the quality and integrity of her task environment and ensuring the work-life balance of the employees were among the top secrets that kept the company flourishing over the years.
  • A cooperative task environment has proven to improve the quality of the employees’ efforts made towards the company.


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