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Traditional view of conflict

Definition (1):

The traditional view of conflict refers to the view that all conflict is bad and must be avoided. It only means a problem within the organization.

Definition (2):

The traditional view of conflict emphasizes its negative features. As per this view, conflict results in difficulties and so, it should be avoided. This view of conflict is directed toward solutions or going toward circumstances where conflict is absent. 

Definition (3):

According to the traditional view of conflict, it must be prevented by recognizing the faulty callus.

This view of conflict is the earliest version of the theories regarding the conflict. This theory was first developed during the late 1930s and early 1940s, having the most simple and linear way towards conflict. This view suggests that any organizational conflict is out and out bad, harmful, and negative. Conflicts can be of different types, but this approach only views conflict as destructive and dysfunctional.

The traditional view of conflict recognizes disagreement, poor communication, lack of trust, and openness among persons, and the managers’ failure to respond to the needs of their employees as the chief causes of organizational conflict.

This view is the earliest approach regarding conflict which considered all conflicts to be bad and to be prevented.

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