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Training means the process of teaching new or current employees the basic/particular skills they need to perform their jobs. This might mean showing a new Web designer the intricacies of site, a new salesperson how to sell firm’s product, or a new supervisor how to complete the firm’s weekly payroll sheets. It might involve simply having the current jobholder explain the job to the new hire, or a multi-week training process including classroom or Internet classes.

Training supplies the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed by subordinates to improve their abilities to perform their jobs. The amount and type of training depend on the type of job, the present skills of the employee, and the resources of the organization. Several training methods can be used.

   — Classroom training is training conducted away from the pressures of the work environment. The employee learns the basic skills of the job and then is sent to the workforce.

   — On-the-job training (OJT) is a technique of teaching job skills while the person performs the job. Training normally is provided by the supervisor and co-workers.

   — Vestibule training is training conducted in a simulated work environment complete with sample equipment. The trainee is placed in this environmentwithout the pressure of meeting production figures. 

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