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What Is an Advertising Agency? Types of Advertising Agencies and Example

What is Advertising Agency?

Advertising Agency refers to a marketing firm that assists companies in planning, preparing, implementing, and evaluating all or portions of their advertising programs.

Understanding Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies originated in the mid-to-late 1800s by salespeople and brokers who worked for the media and received a commission for selling advertising space to companies. As time passed, the salespeople began to help customers prepare their advertisements. Eventually, they formed agencies and grew closer to the advertisers than to the media.

A dressmaker is similar to an advertising agency. This agency produces advertisements, prepares how, when, and where they will be presented, and then delivers them to the service user. The majority of advertising agencies are not reliant on any companies.

These companies make every attempt to sell their clients' products. They also have a team of specialists that are experts in various domains and can assist businesses or organizations in reaching their customer base straightforwardly and efficiently.

Types of Advertising Agencies

Mostly, advertising agencies are divided into five categories:

Full-service Agencies

Different experts are assigned to different sections in this form of organization. They begin by accumulating data and examining it before paying the media people's fees.

Interactive Agencies

Uses online marketing, smart device personal communications, and other methods.

The ads created are very engaging, feature novel themes, and are incredibly creative.

Creative Boutiques

Apart from producing adverts, no other process is executed. They have tiny firms that employ their copy editors, designers, and other creatives.

Media Buying Agencies

Purchases advertising space and offers it to marketers. The agency then provides time for advertisements and organizes openings for various broadcasting companies. Finally, the agency monitors and verifies whether the advertisement was broadcast at the desired date and location.

In-House Agencies

Full-service agencies are comparable to this type of agency. They operate according to the needs of the clients. 

Practical Example

A five-star restaurant may choose to hire an outside business to handle its advertising. As a result, they chose to meet with professionals from a certain agency to handle their promotional activities and advertising content according to their specifications. The external firm is referred to as an advertising agency in this case.

In Sentences

  • An advertising agency specializes in providing services that help its clients with concept formulation, advising, and implementation of promotional and marketing campaigns.


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