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Brand advertising

Brand Advertising means a type of advertising that creates a distinctly favorable brand image that customers associate with a product at the moment they decide to buy a similar kind of product. 

This is an advertising strategy aiming to build brand loyalty and pinpoint brand position. Brands are built on their uniqueness in a market. There is always a motto or out-of-the-ordinary theme that brands try to build their image on.

The kind of advertising that enables these brands to achieve their aim is naturally called brand advertising. Air Condition is fundamentally harmful to the environment but branding and advertising some of them as “Eco-friendly” has been seen to increase sales and profits for many brands.


For example, Berger Paints creating their Breathe Easy Viracare line of emulsion paints and advertising them as a virus-free paint option would allow the customers to breathe a sigh of relief for sure.

Nobody ever imagined they’d need a virus-free wall paint but such advertising during a virus-stricken pandemic must help Berger strengthen their brand loyalty as well as attracting more new customers.


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • Brand advertising is one of the most fruitful business strategies in the twenty-first-century market.
  • Since creating a lasting bond with the customers’ has become the topmost priority in the highly competitive market of right now, most brands are opting for brand advertising.


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